7 June 2023

If you’ve placed an order with us recently, you may have noticed it taking a bit longer than you (or we) had expected.

If you had not heard, we had a not so fun little bureaucratic hiccup here in Italy that meant that for the six months that our Italian company has existed only one person (our Raven) could legally work on behalf of our business. In any way, shape, or form.

That means that despite four of us coming to Italy, for all intents and purposes over the last half year, we have not been permitted to be more than a one-person operation. For comparison, at our pre-pandemic peak, we had a team of ~15 people, so as you can imagine, even though we made the conscious decision to keep things smaller here in Italy, it’s still FAR too much for only one person.

The worst part was that every week we thought we were only a week or two away from everything being squared away, and a few times, we even thought we were finally fully in the clear, only to learn that there was one more step beyond what we had done.

Well, thankfully all of that finally officially came to an end early this very morning. We got final official full confirmation that all of the T’s have been crossed, all of the I’s dotted, and we can finally FINALLY get our full team in the shop. Everyone here has been chomping at the bit to get crafting in the shop, so if you happen to still be waiting for an order from us, you can expect it to be ready to ship soon.

Thank you for your patience throughout this whole transition. Today was the first day that we’ve felt a genuine sense of normalcy, and we’re all really excited for the adventures ahead!