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The Mischief & Misadventure Campaign Diary (MMCD) and Campaign Planner are high quality disc-bound notebooks specially designed for tabletop gaming.

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These highly customizable books let you easily add, remove, and rearrange the pages, so whether you’re a player or a DM, your book can be tailored to fit your needs (and grow right along with you throughout your campaign).

The ink-pressed die-cut covers, well designed page layouts, and wet-erase overlays round out each book to make for a beautiful and functional gaming experience.

New Orders Expected to Ship August 2018

Reserve our amazing books and accessories today!  You can even order several upgrades that were unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign, such as support for new systems (D&D Adventurer’s League, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Call of Cthulhu, and Star Wars) and new page packs (WorldBuilder’s Kit, Party Pack, and C4 Pack).

Notice: Due to overwhelming demand, orders placed today are not expected to ship until August 2018 at the earliest. Orders will ship in the order they’re received, so save your place in line and..

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