Innovative Gaming Notebooks

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A5 Compatible Notebooks

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Little Dragon's Books

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Innovative Gaming Notebooks

Welcome to the amazing world of discbound gaming! Regardless of which side of the GM Screen you sit on (or even which game you play), we have a notebook that’s right for you.

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Designed and Handcrafted By Fellow Gamers

The Last Notebook
You’ll Ever Need

The disc-based binding lets you endlessly add, remove, and rearrange your pages and accessories to suit your ever-evolving needs.  Each component, from the cover to the discs themselves, can be changed or upgraded as well.

Need a bit more room?
Slot a larger set of discs.

Group switch to a new game?
Swap out only the system-specific pages

Run out of map pages?
Grab a refill and add some more

For Both Right- and Left-Handed Gamers

Ambidextrous Page Designs

Our books are conscientiously designed so that they can easily be used with the binding on the left or right sides.

Not Just Paper

Wet-Erase Overlays

All of our RPG System Kits include a pair of Wet-Erase Overlays.  These clear plastic overlays work great with both wet- and dry-erase markers, and are perfect for things that are going to change frequently, like money, health, or ammunition.

Maps, Quests, Factions, NPCs, and more

Not Just Fancy
Character Sheets

Over the years, we’ve developed and refined hundreds of page designs and layouts to keep players and game master’s organized.  Our notebooks take up less space than a laptop and keep all the information you need right at your fingertips. 

More than just a notebook

& Expansions

From card holders to archival tomes to monsters-by-mail, our notebooks work with dozens of addons, expansions, and accessories designed, refined, and crafted with care by nerds who actually play the games.

Made To Order

Handcrafted In Italy

Every single page, cover, and disc is lovingly crafted and packaged by hand in our workshop in northern Italy.


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