We’re a Mom & Pop shop
of inventors, crafters, designers, and artificers

About us

Amber “The Rook”
Déja “The Raven”

The nicknames came from a pair of ttrpg characters that we had made, and though the rival art thieves’ adventures were brief, their names went down in history nonetheless.

A few years ago, we had a clever idea for a better Dungeons & Dragons character sheet

…and never looked back!

We are Makers in the most pure sense

because we quite literally do it all


Mechanical Engineering



Distribution & Logistics

Upcycling / Waste Management

Electrical Engineering

Marketing / Socials / Photography

Software Engineering

and so much more

And now, we’re embarking on a new journey!

We’re moving our family and our workshop from Illinois to Italy

Follow @therooktheraven

and watch us build our new workshop!