Choose from any of our System-Specific Refill Packs below.


While the majority of the pages in our Diaries and Planners are system-agnostic, there are a number of pages (like character sheets or stat blocks) that look and behave very differently depending on what tabletop RPG system you’re playing.

Here are a list of the systems we support, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know! (We’re always adding new systems)

Please note that these system kits are designed for use with our A5 notebooks and may not fit a Vintage notebook.

Dungeons & Dragons

Other editions of Dungeons & Dragons that we are planning to release include 4th Edition, AD&D 2nd Edition and B/X (BECMI).  We don’t currently have an estimate for when these system kits will become available.


1st Edition

For many systems, our wet-erase overlays are merely handy. With Pathfinder’s ever-changing modifiers, they are literally game-changing!


Please note that Warhammer is currently only available in our Vintage 7″ Planner format. We do not yet have an estimate for when an A5 version will be available.

Age of Sigmar
3rd Edition

Supports both standard play and Path of Glory!

Warhammer 40,000
9th Edition

Supports both Battle-Forged and Crusade armies!

Additional Systems


You’ll also love the dual-scale hex pages in our Campaign Atlas for Starship combat.


GM Kits Coming Soon


Officially Licensed Kits for both our new A5 and Vintage Notebooks.

Vampire: The Masquerade
World of Darkness

Player’s Kit Available Now!
(Storyteller’s Kit Coming Soon)

(Star Wars)

While these kits will work with most Genesys games, they include a few Star Wars specific additions.

Kids On Bikes

These kits are currently only available in our Vintage 5.5″ Diary format

Coming Soon

While we are no longer developing new kits for our Vintage notebook formats, we are definitely working on several new system kits for our upcoming A5 Discbound Campaign notebooks. Our roadmap includes systems like Cypher/Numenera, PBTA, older editions of D&D, Kingdom Death: Monster, Savage Worlds, and more!

We can’t say for sure when a specific system will be available, but be sure to follow us on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for announcements of all our new releases


Don’t see the system you play here?  Let us know!

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Reference to a particular game does not denote affiliation or endorsement.