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New Releases

New Product: Discbound 5E Pocket References

What’s better than having a pocket edition of the D&D Rulebooks? Making them discbound! Why carry a bag full of big, heavy, hardback books when you can grab only the pages you want and clip them right into your notebook?
These 5E Pocket References break down and reformat all of the Official Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules and options available in version 5.1 of the Dungeons & Dragons System Reference Document (SRD). Every page has been painstakingly formatted to work seamlessly with your existing A5 discbound notebook. 
To make it all a bit more managable, we’ve broken the SRD into 4 separate softcover, discbound books.
The Player’s Reference
All of the basic rules of play and references for the various Classes, Races, Equipment, Skills, and so on.
The Dungeon Master’s Reference
All of the more advanced rules and references used by the DM including Traps, Magic Items, Poisons, Diseases, and so on.
The Spellbook
All of your favorite Spells and Spell Lists.
The Bestiary
Stat blocks and references for all of your favorite Monsters, Creatures, and NPCs.

System Kits

TTRPG System Kits for our new A5 Discbound Campaign notebooks

Notice: We are in the process of updating our product photography. Some items may still be pictured with an older design in a Vintage 5.5″ or 7″ format.


These covers are designed for our new A5 format only and are not suitable for any of our vintage notebooks. These are cover sets only and do not include pages or discs.


These are stand-alone disc sets, and do not come with pages or covers. Sizes refer to inner diameter.

Vintage System Kits

TTRPG System Kits for our Vintage Discbound Diaries and Planners

Notice: These pages will NOT fit our current A5 notebooks, and will only fit the notebooks we crafted and sold up to 2022.  Player’s Diary pages are 5.5″ wide, while DM/GM’s Planner pages are 7″ wide. Vintage products are made to order, please allow additional time.

Vintage 5.5" Diary Edition
Original price was: €24,99.Current price is: €14,99.
Vintage 5.5" Diary Edition
Original price was: €24,99.Current price is: €14,99.