Everything your character needs to delve into the mineshaft, break into the Underdark, and slay the power-hungry “Dragon Below” (or, you know, to spend a couple hours schmoozing the local arcana dealer in hopes of securing that sweet magic flute)

This pack of 5 character sheets is rounded out by a sheet to record your character’s backstory and history (plus a couple spares in case you make a mistake). It also includes 5 double-sided spell list sheets, with room for up to 100 spells, and a pair of our wet-erase overlays.


  • Character Sheets (x5)
    Track your ability scores, modifiers, proficiencies, features, combat stats, and more. Add commonly used attacks, abilities, and spells, and keep track of remaining resources, such as arrows, ki, or spell points
  • Spell List Sheets (x5)
    With room for 10 spells per side, these pages can fit a Wizard’s Spellbook worth of key stats and details on your various incantations. Not enough room on the line to list all of the details of a particularly complicated enchantment? There’s also a place to note the page number, so you can easily reference the full spell description
  • Wet-Erase Plastic Overlays (x2)
    Placed over the character spread, these overlays enable you to use wet-erase markers to track hit points, spell points, and other things that may change over the course of combat (or for the uncharismatic, a poorly-executed negotiation)
  • Character Background Sheets (x3)
    Who were you before you became an adventurer? Jot down your backstory so it’s always close at hand. Add a sketch or portrait, as well as details about your physical appearance, personality, flaws, ideals, and bonds
Additional information
Weight 100 g
Dimensions 229 × 162 × 5 mm

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition



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