The Pathfinder 1st Edition system kit includes 5 Character sheets, 5 Spell List sheets, and a pair of wet-erase overlays.


  • Character Sheets (x5)
    Track your ability scores, modifiers, proficiencies, features, combat stats, and more. Add commonly used attacks, abilities, and spells, and keep track of remaining resources, such as arrows, rations, or spell slots
  • Spell List Sheets (x5)
    Always keep the most important details about your character’s spells right at your fingertips
  • Wet-Erase Plastic Overlays (x2)
    Placed over the character spread, these overlays enable you to use wet-erase markers to track hit points, feature uses, and other things that may change over the course of the adventuring day
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Pathfinder 1st Edition



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