The 30-page Guildmaster’s Bundle helps you prepare and document the powers-that-be throughout your world with space to record details on the various factions and organizations, and the power players and other key figures that your players may encounter (directly or indirectly).

Please note that this page pack is NOT compatible with our new A5 Discbound Campaign notebooks.

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This pack contains:

  • Faction Sheets (x8)
    Every faction, gang, or even after-school club has one or more spheres of influence, goals, assets, and some form or organization or hierarchy — keep all the relevant details organized for easy reference
  • Power Player Pages (x14)
    Have every Mover, Shaker, and Candlestick Maker at your fingertips along with their motives, aliases, spheres of influence, known associates, and flaws

Note: Each “Sheet” spans 2 (or more) pages.

Additional information
Weight 2 g
Dimensions 8,5 × 7 × 0,125 mm

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