The newly redesigned 30-page WorldBuilder’s Kit is packed with with prompts and tools to help you design and track regions, kingdoms, governments, powerful families, and other broader entities that may influence your players either directly or indirectly.

Please note that this page pack is NOT compatible with our new A5 Discbound Campaign notebooks.


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This pack contains:

  • Regional Map Sheets (x2)
    Sketch your region on the fine-scale hex grid, then record important details such as landmarks, climate, population centers, notable powers, and more
  • Town / District Pages (x8)
    Keep track of rules or restrictions, landmarks, shops, and even the local government structure either for the entire town, or for distinct districts within a larger city
  • Faction Sheets (x4)
    Every faction, gang, or even after-school club has one or more spheres of influence, goals, assets, and some form or organization or hierarchy — keep all the relevant details organized for easy reference
  • Power Player Pages (x6)
    Have every Mover, Shaker, and Candlestick Maker at your fingertips along with their motives, aliases, spheres of influence, known associates, and flaws
  • Pantheon Pages (x2)
    Religion is a powerful force in any world, and notes on their dominions, symbols, rituals, and holy days are invaluable in creating a rich and vibrant world for your players
  • Timeline Pages (x2)
    Never again forget what came before when during whose reign of which dynasty

Note: Each “Sheet” spans 2 (or more) pages.

Additional information
Weight 2 g
Dimensions 8,5 × 7 × 0,125 mm

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