The GM’s Kit for Starfinder has everything you need to run your epic space-based adventures!  It includes 3 Crew Snapshot sheets, 2 Starship Encounter Sheets, 10 Encounter sheets, 3 Major Encounter sheets, and a pair of wet-erase overlays.


  • Crew Snapshot Sheets (x3)
    Keep tabs on the most vital stats of each of the characters in the party, and never ask “What’s your EAC?” again
  • Starship Encounter Sheets (x2)
    Everything you need to keep your starship combat flowing smoothly and efficiently
  • Encounter Sheets (x10)
    Prepare your encounters ahead of time and have each opponent’s stat blocks at your fingertips (right next to the initiative tracker!)
  • Major Encounter Sheets (x3)
    When you need a little more room for that Big Bad
  • Wet-Erase Plastic Overlays (x2)
    Placed over the encounter spread, these overlays enable you to use wet-erase markers to track hit points, initiative, conditions, and other non-permanent effects.
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