The 30-page Historian’s Bundle comes with pages dedicated to recording the details of the deities and pantheons that affect your world as well as timelines of events throughout your world’s history (or future?)

Please note that this page pack is NOT compatible with our new A5 Discbound Campaign notebooks.


Made to Order
May require additional time


This pack contains:

  • Pantheon Pages (x10)
    Religion is a powerful force in any world, and notes on their dominions, symbols, rituals, and holy days are invaluable in creating a rich and vibrant world for your players
  • Timeline Pages (x20)
    Never again forget what came before when during whose reign of which dynasty

Note: Each “Sheet” spans 2 (or more) pages.

Additional information
Weight 2 g
Dimensions 8,5 × 7 × 0,125 mm

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