This 200-page perfect-bound notebook is packed with hundreds of questions spread across 7 sections to help you explore the breadth and depth of your character from their earliest days to their ambitions for the future.

  • Who Are You?
    Describe your character’s overall concept. If you already have a feel for their voice, have them answer in their own words.
  • Personal Particulars
    Have your character answer each prompt to begin to explore the breadth and depth of who they are and how they see themselves.
  • Early Life
    Everyone is a product of their upbringing and your character is no exception. What was their early life like?
  • Answering The Call
    How did your character come to their life of adventure?
  • Heroes? Us?
    It’s dangerous to go alone. Who are your character’s companions and what does your character really think of them?
  • Afterward
    What does your character think their future holds?
  • Before I Became An Adventurer… In My Own Words
    Everything up to this point has been the truth about your character as they know it, but when asked about their past, what do they say?

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A Taste of What’s Inside

Personal Particulars, pp. 6-7:

  • What is your full name? What do you go by? Do you have any nicknames?
  • Is this the name you were given at birth? If not, what was your birth name?
  • If you go by a name other than your birth name, why?
  • Does your name have any cultural or familial significance? (Are you named for a trade, a trait, a relative, etc.?)
  • How old are you? How old do you claim to be?
  • If you claim to be a different age than your true age, why?

Answering The Call, pp. 104-105:

  • What is a piece of adventuring gear you can’t live without?
  • What piece of adventuring gear do you always have with you but never use?
  • What’s a piece of (mundane or magical) adventuring gear that’s on your wish list?
  • What is your favorite magical item you’ve encountered so far? Where is it? What does it do? Why do you like it?
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