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2023 has seen some of the biggest changes that our little shop has ever experienced.  In previous years, we crafted and shipped more than 60,000 books, page packs, and other items in a single holiday season.  However, when we moved to Italy, we made the conscious decision to scale down our workshop.

The process has been far from smooth, with shipping issues (both sending and receiving), quality control problems, family health emergencies, unsafe working conditions due to the extreme heat, and even the unexpected departure of our two artisan crafters (leaving us extremely short-staffed).  This has left us not only with a backlog of orders to finish and ship, but with fewer hands than ever to do so.

We weighed various options ranging from outsourcing to putting the entire store on hiatus, and we ultimately decided that the best path forward was a balanced one; one that both allowed our work to continue to be authentic and artisanal, while still allowing for the additional time required to catch up on our backlog of orders.

So this year, in order to maintain a healthful work-life balance for our family, while still ensuring that everyone’s orders arrive in time for Christmas, we are setting a hard limit on the number of orders we will be crafting and shipping this holiday season.

Beginning 15 September, only the first 500 book orders that we receive will be crafted and delivered in time for Christmas.

Build Your Book


Mischief and Misadventure Cover Collection

Over the past year, we developed a 24-volume series of character workbooks for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.  This series, lovingly entitled Mischief and Misadventure, has already begun to release on Amazon (link to series), and new volumes will become available throughout the coming weeks and months.

To celebrate this project finally coming to fruition, we’re releasing discbound editions of all 24 covers!