16 February 2023

Vintage Diaries & Planners

We’ve retired the original 5.5″ Diary and 7″ Planner formats

If you have one of our notebooks, it is either our 5.5″ Campaign Diary or our 7″ Campaign Planner.  For the last five years, these two formats have been the heart of our notebook system.

We would design pages for players for the 5.5″ Diary format, and we would design pages for DMs & GMs for the wider 7″ Planner format.

As of today, both of these formats have been officially retired.

We originally used these formats because they both allowed us to craft our notebooks while producing VERY little waste.  However, following our move to Europe, the paper available to us here is manufactured to metric sizes and dimensions.  Our original page dimensions fit tragically poorly on metric paper stock, to the point that we would actually be throwing away more paper than we use.

While we are able to recycle and upcycle some of our paper waste, the sheer amount of wasted paper that we would produce every day is far more than those processes can handle in a month.

So, it’s time for a change — we’re going metric!

Next month, we will begin selling our new A5 Discbound Campaign notebooks.  The A5 format is practically perfect for our notebooks as it’s smaller than our 7″ Planners, but larger than our 5.5″ Diaries.  In fact, because of its “Goldilocks” size, it’s well-suited for BOTH Players and DMs/GMs.

We’ll have a lot more on the A5 notebooks in the coming weeks, but in the meantime we want to assure you that…

We’re not leaving our Vintage notebooks out in the cold

While we will only be making new A5 notebooks from here on out, we aren’t abandoning everyone who already has one of our Vintage 5.5″ Diaries or Vintage 7″ Planners.

We will continue to craft and ship System Kits and other page refills in these Vintage sizes — they’re just going to be a premium made-to-order item now, and while they may take a little longer to ship than they used to, they’ll be printed on our new 160gsm premium paper.

So, beginning today, you can once again order any of our existing System Kits in their Vintage format, so you can keep your game running smoothly without missing a beat.