The 30-page Cartographer’s Bundle helps you expand your world with region-wide details, such as maps, climate, topography, landmarks and pages to help you organize and flesh out your towns and districts with space for government, rules and restrictions, and shops or other notable locations.

Please note that this page pack is NOT compatible with our new A5 Discbound Campaign notebooks.


Not Available


This pack contains:

  • Regional Map Sheets (x8)
    Sketch your region on the fine-scale hex grid, then record important details such as landmarks, climate, population centers, notable powers, and more
  • Town / District Pages (x14)
    Keep track of rules or restrictions, landmarks, shops, and even the local government structure either for the entire town, or for distinct districts within a larger city

Note: Each “Sheet” spans 2 (or more) pages.

Additional information
Weight 2 g
Dimensions 8,5 × 7 × 0,125 mm

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