Simplify your session prep with the Discbound Monstrous Compendium.  This is the ideal Dungeon Master’s companion for our new A5 Discbound Campaign planners (and fully compatible with our Vintage 7″ Planners!)

Each month, you’ll receive a curated collection of 10 new monster reference cards for use with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.  Each card is individually designed with care to ensure that it’s always easy to find the most important details you’ll need in the heat of battle.

Your first month, you’ll also receive a starter kit, which includes a cover set, a set of discs, an A5 DM’s reference and initiative tracker, and 10 bonus monsters:

  • Aboleth
  • Ancient Red Dragon
  • Commoner
  • Dire Wolf
  • Gorgon
  • Owlbear
  • Pegasus
  • Specter
  • Stone Giant
  • Water Elemental


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