The A5

All of our page designs have all been updated to make the most of the new A5 format

Not just the size

We’ve revisited every page not only to incorporate our own experience using the pages, but feedback we’ve received from customers.

The new A5 format is a hair shorter than our previous formats, but has a width that’s right in the sweet spot between our original Player’s Diary and our original DM’s Planner.

The design and layout of every page has been revisited to make the most of the new size and shape.

We’ve also updated pages that had been exclusive to either Players or DMs/GMs when they were different sizes to make them more useful to both roles.

In addition to expanding our base book blocks to include new types of pages, we’ve also tweaked the contents of several of our refill and expansion packs to give you a bit more bang for your buck!

Form and Function

We believe that the single most important thing happening at your table is the story you’re weaving, and the worst thing that any character sheet or gaming aide can do is distract you or take you out of the moment.

We have a two-stage design philosophy:

First we make it invisible, with everything you need right to hand so you are never taken out of the moment trying to find the right screen or waiting for a page to load.

Then we make it look good. Really good.

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